How can I get this 'curve' / is this possible?

  • Look I am sorry for my horrible drawing skills, but do you see what I am asking?
    How can I achieve a similar curve? Please guide me since I wasn't able to find the right settings.
    (yes i drew with red)

    0_1518302131007_f.lux help.PNG

  • It's not something we users can do. Even if we could do it, that would constantly use your CPU the entire time. There are 2 problems with this:

    1. On battery-operated systems, it would cause batteries to die fast
    2. It could introduce performance problems on some slower systems during the entire length of this long transition.

  • @TwoCables okay I see, how about this? It would solve the problem you presented, wouldn't it?
    (drew with green so you know it's better for your pc :D )

    0_1518304199902_f.lux help.PNG

  • I guess, but there is scientifically and biologically no problem with the way f.lux works currently. The whole point of f.lux is to help you avoid being exposed to alerting blue light when it's best not to be.

  • @TwoCables Thank you for your quick replies.

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