Lower slider ranges limit to 500k

  • F.lux is a great and amazing software but we would be happy if F.lux's team can lower the slider ranges limit to 500k because my eyes are very sensitive to blue light. Thank you very much .

  • Anything 'below' ~800K is not going to be any redder. It used to be possible to change the color temperature in the Registry to values under 800, but it made no difference. It almost seemed to have the same effect as going from 800K and higher, as though 800K was some kind of pivot point.

    So, use the keyboard shortcut to get to 800K.

  • Ok, thank you, but the problem is that the keyboard shortcut make me get to 800K only in "Bed time" section, and i can't reach 800k in "Daytime" and "Sunset" section . Please, it will more more simple and comfortable if we can set the slider ranges directly without shorcut . Thank you .
    I tried another software like F.lux and it set slider ranges limit to 500k, and I could see a great difference between 1200k and 500k !

  • I don't understand. I can get to 800K in all 3 modes. All I have to do is use the keyboard shortcut.

    Even so, scientifically and biologically-speaking, 1900K is 100% harmless and more than warm enough to allow you to use your computer "safely". There's no scientific or biological reason to use 800K. That's why 1900K is the warmest that you can select without using the expanded range.

    I'm going to tell you something else. 800K is 100% red. Here's how I know:

    When I am ready to wind down for the day, I switch my indoor lighting to just this light:


    https://fluxometer.com/rainbow/#!id=lights/Feit Red LED

    As you can see, this light is truly red. That's the only light it actually emits. With f.lux set to 1200K, I can see that it's not actually 100% red. When I switch it to 800K, I no longer see anything but red. In fact, since the LED light is 100% red and nothing else, and since 800K is 100% red and nothing else, I don't really notice the red color since that's the only color of the light in my room.

    So really, there's nothing wrong with 1200K or even 1900K in the least bit. This is something that the f.lux team has discovered after doing extremely extensive and exhaustive research into the science of human circadian rhythms and human biology. I honestly believe that the only reason why f.lux can go warmer than 1200K with keyboard shortcuts is because I requested it quite vehemently a long time ago. Their answer was the addition of keyboard shortcuts, but to leave 1200K as the warmest that can be selected with the sliders if you expand the range of the sliders in the Options.

  • Ohh, yesterday night, i couldn't reach 800k in "sunset" section because i was in the time of "bedtime" ...everything is ok now, thank you for theses precious informations .

  • You're welcome.

    Yeah, you can only change the color with the keyboard shortcuts and main slider for the current mode unless you were to fake your Location and Wake Time in order to force f.lux into a different mode.

    You can also do all 3 modes at once. See "Adjust day and night colors together..."

  • @TwoCables Ok, thanks again for your help , God bless you.

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