Matching Printer Color and Brightness

  • Is there a setting that makes a computer monitor match the color and brightness that will be printed from a printer?

  • Generally you would need a viewing booth to make your printer match the screen.

    In most rooms, the ambient lighting is lower than the screen, meaning that the screen will be brighter than a piece of white paper in the room.

    You can, of course, turn the screen down to a lower level to make sure you will be able to resolve printed shadows (some people who do print use 80-100 cd/m2), but you should use a hardware calibrator for ensuring they match...f.lux doesn't sense your room directly so it cannot do it on its own.

  • Also, keep in mind that a computer monitor is emitting light whereas paper is just reflecting light. So, it's almost impossible to find a consumer-grade monitor that will actually look identical to what's going to be printed. Then you also have to take into account the quality of the printer and the quality of your paper - and of course the room lighting you're viewing the printout in.

    So yeah, this is extremely far from the scope of what f.lux is for.

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