Non-Monophasic Sleepers

  • I am not a monophasic sleeper. This means I am going to bed at 12, waking up at 3 and then taking naps throughout my day. "Monophasic is not the best way to sleep contrary to popular belief, but instead it is a byproduct of the long work hours of the industrial revolution that has remained a cultural norm even as work hours have shortened." In fact, a monophasic schedule is actually why people always feel so tired and changing how I sleep has been one of the best things I have ever done for my health. This is the best site I found to explain the sleeping cycles and you should feel free to test out what works best for you.

    So given this information, why is it that I am not allowed to set when I want it to start dimming? Or to set my own "bedtime" so that the notifications actually go off when it's ACTUALLY MY BEDTIME instead of when someone else THINKS it "should" be my bedtime?

    I like the idea of setting my wake up time to three and having my monitors brighten with the early morning sunrise so that I don't wake up and feel blinded by my computer as I work on my classwork thus I don't want to set my wake up time to 8 or 9 o'clock just to game the system into dimming later. Excluding my weird sleeping schedule, not everyone sleeps for 8 hours a night in the first place whether it's because they're too busy or they just don't need it which IS a thing. Give me a break.

    And how many times does someone have to ask flux to allow total customization for them to do it? I've been looking at posts from /several years ago/ that have been asking the same thing, over and over and over and over and over again and yet no matter how many years go by or how many people ask for the same exact thing flux refuses to allow us to customize their conceptually great app into being actually practical for anyone and everyone who took an interest in using it. Honestly. What kind of company ignores their users and for what reason?

    "Well, it's supposed to be this way and in an attempt to force conformity to what we believe is the best way to do things, screw everyone else. Everyone should operate the same and anyone who doesn't can get out"?

    Trash. If I hadn't seen the same exact requests/suggestions being made tons of times over several years I would have given this company another chance but so many people being ignored for this long is preposterous. This company is trash.

  • f.lux is designed to accommodate the human melatonin cycle, which happens nightly, requires around 10 hours of darkness. f.lux doesn't try to control what hours you are awake or asleep, only the hours that your body would be seeking darkness.

    As of this date, the melatonin cycle has never successfully been split nor bifurcated in humans.

    This post is now locked due to being more focused on attacking the company than discussing the decisions and science behind the product.

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