Setting your own "sunset" time?

  • I'm wondering why there isn't an option to set your own sunset time?
    This time of the year where I live the sun starts to set around 4pm. When I get off work and turn on my computer it's already turning orange and that's about 7-8 hours before I'm going to bed. I understand that this is built to help with getting the bodies circadian rhythm in line, but for people in the north, this simply does not work. I really like the program and I think the biggest advantage of this is the automation. I would forget to switch it on most of the time if I had to do it manually.

    Please consider adding the option to customize the sunset time. I'm not a programmer, but don't think it would be hard to implement. I think a lot of northerners would appreciate it.

  • Hi there,

    I can think of three possibilities:

    1. f.lux includes three color settings: daytime, nighttime and bedtime. I propose to change the NIGHTTIME setting by opening the menu and selecting [Adjust day and night colors together...]. Now move the big nighttime slider button to the right to have a brighter screen during nighttime mode. After setting the color, the length of the nighttime period can be adapted by returning to the main screen. In the bottom, you find a setting for [earliest wake time], allowing you somewhat to adjust the timeframe during which the color scheme is changed to your liking.

    2. You can also change the color setting on the main menu in the top right drop down box and selecting e.g. [Working late].

    3. A final option would be to pick another location.

  • @chevalduvent
    Thanks for the tips.

    Playing around with the settings, mainly location and earliest wake time, I think I got it close to what I want. (Not really sure though because there's no time shown on the curve, so I don't know when the transitions actually start until the time comes. Adding time to the curve would be a nice addition too.) Didn't make the nighttime brighter because that would mean I'd lose the actual nighttime colors which I think are important IF I happen to stay up late. It also serves as a good reminder that I really should be going to bed when the screen goes totally orange.

    Anyway, I don't think the setup should be this difficult that you have to "trick" the program to get what you want. The option to customize an app to your liking is always appreciated.

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