Uninstalled F.lux, now can't enable Night Light in Windows 10

  • I used to use the Night Light feature in Windows 10, before I started using F.lux. The reason I started using F.lux was for the automatic timing, Night Light will just turn off after a while.

    However, I started having trouble with F.lux, it would considerably slow my computer every few minutes, to the point where even the mouse cursor would stutter. So I uninstalled F.lux, no problems with the uninstall, no problems with screen colors, etc. However, I can no longer enable the Night Light option in Windows. It's just greyed out.

    I've tried deleting the associated registry keys, and rebooting, several times, but after each reboot, the option is greyed out again. I've Googled this issue, but the only results say to delete those registry keys and reboot, which doesn't work. I've also tried updating my video drivers (AMD R9 360), and that didn't work.

    Anyone else run into this problem?

  • Experiencing the same. No solution. Might try something as crazy as installing Windows to a spare drive, backup the registry from the new install, and restore it on the current drive to see if that will fix this issue as well as the color flicker issue. Would be really great if f.lux were open sourced so we can see what entries they are corrupting. Last time open source code was brought up, apparently they had plans to monetize it. Seriously considering alternatives at this point.

  • Hey everyone - sorry we are not seeing this here. What version of Windows 10, and what video drivers? Have you rebooted?

    I know this feature has been grayed out for some people when the driver doesn't support it, but obviously I don't know the details of how Microsoft's feature works.

  • I have Windows 10 x64 v. 1709 (build 16299.125). My graphics card is a Radeon R9 360, using driver version 18.1.1 (latest as of today).

    This is my work computer, and I have a ton of data on it, so I can't afford the time to reformat.

  • Yes, my only guess is that you could rollback your video driver.

  • @herf

    So, do you have a complete listing of exactly what changes you are making to my system, and where they are located? It bothers me that, after uninstall, anything is broken from before an installation.

  • @deckinghalls and @DaaBoss If you are having problems can you post or PM me your video drivers version and system information so we can keep track of issues like this? Thanks very much.

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