Weird time effects?

  • I have used f.lux for several years now, I don't remember when I first got it and I normally just let it just do its thing, but a few days ago I noticed that it was acting weird. I have it set to the slowest transition, but during the evening I noticed it would take about 10 seconds or so to change. I checked my options and it was still set to the slowest transition, but I noticed my "circadian response" function thing was really oddly shaped. I ended up fiddling with my location settings and realized that I had this problem for any location set at 35N between 115W and 94W. This is really frustrating because I go between ~112W and ~98W throughout the year. I ended up settling with 116W, which gives a normal curve.

    Anyway, I'm interested to know if this is a documented issue and whether there might be any fixes for it? I was wondering if it has anything to do with the fact that I have my computer time set to UTC (which I'd like to keep that way), despite living in the Mountain and Central timezones. It seems that if sunset falls around midnight UTC, the function goes all crazy, so my temporary fix of moving the location is probably not going to work year-round.

  • How does it look without the classic f.lux mode on?

  • They all seem to have similar issues. For example, here is Recommended Colors. The only one that doesn't is Working Late.

  • I will email you some more questions - this is probably due to UTC but I am not sure.

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