Thank you very much for breaking my computer.

  • Yes, thank you very much for creating a wonderful program that has no proper uninstall option. It is so wonderful to uninstall your product but still get the colour changes on every program. I wish all programs were so good that you didn't even need to have them installed for them to work. I have uninstalled, restarted, reinstalled, set to daylight everything that i have read on your forums and it still works even after i have uninstalled it. Just great work guys. Top notch.

  • reinstalled and uninstalled several times, updated drivers, but everything still has a green tint and when i restart or shut down the screen goes grey instead of the usual blue. What did you do to my computer?

  • We did fix an uninstaller bug in our new version (4.66) but have not updated everyone yet. Perhaps you found the same bug? If you download again the uninstall should work quite a bit better.

  • @dewlicker420
    make sue the beta option is checked on the about page.
    make sure update automagically is checked on the options screen.
    make sure use display data is unchecked on the options screen.
    restart. go into flux and check about page (if it says any number below 4.66 wait 20 minutes and restart again)
    then set current color to 6500k
    then disable until sunrise
    then exit flux
    then uninstall from Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Programs and Features
    then restart.

    if colors are still a problem goto color management, advanced tab, reload current calibrations
    for good measure click change system defaults then advanced tab, reload current calibrations (this is separate)


    if the above does not work reload windows (every other troubleshooting step is reliant on 3rd party software or more advanced)
    the likelihood is other software was to blame
    further troubleshooting advice below

    turn pointer trails on and move slider to one of middle settings
    turn pointer trails off
    restart (if fixed stop)
    reset ddc (
    restart (if fixed stop)
    reset active lut table (
    remove active profiles (user and system default)
    instate srgb for both as default
    remove srgb

    if you still have an issue reload windows

    this is a complete list of what i would do
    no guarantee of anything but besides reloading windows none of these steps are destructive

    @herf please release a standalone f.lux removal tool

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