I can't set the sleep duration so I get a red screen in the morning

  • It's a nice idea to match the screen white balance a bit with my room lighting (warm white) when it's dark outside so that it doesn't look as blue compared to the rest of the room.

    And it's probably a good idea to get a warmer white before sleeping.

    But I'm not sleeping 8 hours now and so there's a problem with this program. It's just too unflexible. For not to get too warm colours in the evening before sleeping, I needed to set my wakeup time long after the actual time I get up. So now, in the morning, the screen is still all warm even though I'm not sleeping anymore.

    So there's two solutions to this.

    1. You let me customise the sleep duration, not just the sleep end time. Or better yet, sleep start and end time separately, that's more transparent.

    2. Or you change the colour near the end of your fixed sleep time. Because I don't understand why anybody would want warm white 2 or 3 hours before getting up. You're not supposed to look at the monitor while you're sleeping. But if you're getting up early, then you don't want to be put asleep again right away with f.lux.

    As I understood it, f.lux is about better adjusting the body for sleep times, which should not only mean to always make it sleep longer, but also to support it when waking up. Seems like you haven't thought this through yet or you're not using your computer in the morning.

  • Hey thanks for your comments.

    The reason that timing works that way is because it follows the human melatonin cycle, which in nature would start at dusk and end at dawn. Melatonin takes a while to be completely released and reabsorbed, it happens slowly and continuously and the process takes longer than 8 hours (and generally begins before people fall asleep). So the body's need for darkness is separate from the need for sleep.

    I went looking for a good overview article to link to, and everything now seems to be a pharma company or a guru site. If you want to learn more about this in-depth, please check out the links at https://justgetflux.com/research.html

  • Interesting question here.
    I actually have set my wake time as 3 hours earlier than my actual wake time, as I want my computer to dim earlier than the software allows.
    I was listening to a Podcast episode with Dr Rhonda Patrick, and her sleep expert guest - and suggestion was to start reducing light/ wearing blocker glasses/ sun glasses from 5pm if you are sleeping at 11pm.
    So I was hoping for a "red" screen from 8pm or so.... or even earlier... at dusk ideally...

    Basically I agree with the ability to be more flexible...

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