What happened to the tray icon? win10, latest f.lux version

  • I just installed the latest f.lux and rebooted my computer. It gave me a couple of messages at the beginning, then disappeared. The tray icon is gone. I searched the forums and couldn't find any reference to this. I thought it must be in the little arrangement that pops up when you click on the caret next to the battery life, internet connection, audio icons on the lower right, but it isn't there. I have Windows 10 and I'm running Classic Shell or I would go insane.Thank you.

  • Sounds like it crashed? Do you know which version it is?

  • It's the latest one. It's running, I get messages at night talking about the amount of time before morning, etc. Task manager shows that it is running. However when I stopped and re-started f.lux, the icon did appear. So maybe it was some kind of weird crash and I didn't notice because it seemed to be working.

  • hmm sometimes it can get lost when explorer.exe crashes, but it sounds unusual - let me know if this happens again?

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