flux fails to color half of my display which has two displayport connections (displayport 1.4 tiles)

  • Flux only works on half of my display. The display is a dell 8k display (up3218k) which has two displayport connections (which I believe uses the displayport 1.4 tiled display feature). It appears that flux is only changing the color on one of the tiles. Also I believe dell has put out some 5k monitors that also use this tile feature.

    Can this be fixed? or is anyone aware of any workarounds for this kind of issue?

    I also tried microsoft's night light and it had the same issue and even the same pattern.

    Attached is a picture of flux 4.64 on my display.


  • Forgot to mention, I have an AMD Radeon RX 570 driving the display.

  • I just tried this on a different computer with an Nivida GTX 1080 card connected to the same two displayport w/ tiling 8k display and it worked fine, coloring the entire screen. Seems like its either an AMD driver issue or a f.lux + AMD driver issue.

  • Yeah, usually drivers.

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