The need to reboot for minor version upgrades

  • Is a reboot now necessary in all cases on Windows (10)?

    I know about this from the FAQ:

    How do I use the new warmer colors and "Darkroom" mode on Windows?
    These features require a small change to your system and a reboot. You can look in the "Lighting at Night" menu and choose "Expand Color Range". f.lux will ask for Administrator access and offer to reboot your PC Now or Later. After your next reboot, you will be able to access more dramatic color changes.

    But "Use Wider Slider Ranges" is unchecked. At one time, several months ago (I believe I was on 3.x at the time), that was enabled (it went by Expand Color Range then, I think), but the need to reboot with upgrades led me to turn it off, and doing so did stop the need to reboot.

    No need to reboot continued on after 4.x (the 3.x->4.x upgrade might have required it, but that would have been expected), which I've had for some months now. In recent minor upgrades though, including the two from this month (4.64 currently), a reboot has been necessary upon upgrade, even when f.lux is closed beforehand.

    Is there another setting I'm missing, or is this just required now?

    NVIDIA NVIDIA GeForce GT 730 (20171027)

    1 monitors

    Dell U2415(HDMI1)
    Dimensions: 518 x 324
    Year: 2017
    R=0.660156 0.332031
    G=0.301758 0.613281
    B=0.150391 0.063477
    W=0.313477 0.329102
    sRGB gamut: 100%, AdobeRGB gamut: 69%


  • For a particular version of Windows, it is only neccessary to do this once - it is system wide.

    However, some Windows updates have been resetting the adjustment, which is why we prompt now to do it again. Which version of Windows are you using?

  • The one thing that I didn't mention. :)

    4.64 was installed on Win10 17074, but I'm pretty sure that 4.62 was on 17063. So that would explain it.

    I never would have thought of that. Should there be a new version of f.lux before the next Windows build, and it still asks for a reboot, I'll post back, because it sounds like you're saying that it shouldn't happen in that case.


  • Ok, please let me know if it seems like it's not working anymore. Not running this Windows version yet.

    Also f.lux will only prompt 3 times ever - to reset the counter you could uninstall/reinstall.

    Maybe I will need to reset the counter per windows build number.... :)

  • Just wanted to report back that I've now been able to update (4.64 -> 4.66) on the same version of Windows (17074), and no reboot was called for, so my updating major Windows versions a couple times a month is what caused the prompting before.

    Next time I update f.lux after a new Windows build, I'll just say no to the reboot, since I have a feeling in this scenario that it's not needed.

  • @rseiler if it prompts it is actually needed.

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