On Off Auto instead of Disable for 1 hour

  • Just a suggestion but having an 'On/Off/Auto' 3 way toggle would be good.

    If I am working late and the sun rises I want the screen to stay red till I go to bed.

    The 'Disable for 1 hour' option works for people who want to keep the screen blue after sunset but there is no similar option at sunrise.

    A simple 3 way On/Off/Auto option would solve both problems.

  • So is the "wake time" feature not working for you?

    If you stay up some nights until midnight and other nights until 8AM it might not work very well, but does that kind of thing happen a lot?

  • I am running 3.10

    I cannot find the waketime feature.

    I looked under 'extras' but nothing there.

  • No worries.
    I was running 3.10 with 'update automatically' set to true so I thought that was the latest version.
    I now found 4.55 and it has the waketime feature which I think will solve the problem reasonably well.

  • I am not sure how the waketime feature solves this issue.
    The issue is quite simple.
    Users want to control whether the screen is warm (red tint) or standard at any particular time for any variety of reasons.
    The on(warm)/off(standard)/auto(clock controlled) 3 way toggle is a simple solution to a simple problem.
    The waketime feature introduces a 3rd level of warmness where the screen goes a deep orange. I don't know what problem this feature was designed to solve but it is not the simple problem described in the OP.

  • I have a possible solution for you then. Control f.lux manually. What I mean is, at anytime you want, use Alt+Shift+Page Down and Alt+Shift Page Page Up. Or, move the slider in f.lux to your desired color temperature - again, whenever you want.

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