Emergency! Flux is Damaging my PC & I can't find the program to uninstall it!?!

  • Last week I installed Flux on my Windows 10, 64bit, (OS version 1703). I was impressed with the program and grateful I found it. Flux significantly eased the pain of PC irritation, having Dry Eye Syndrome.

    Oh, how that loving feeling disappeared quickly after restarting my PC.
    The dreaded blue screen appeared with the message, "Windows did not start properly" with some clickable repair options.

    Automatic repair options could not fix the problem. I had to reboot Windows from an old restore point to get it to start.

    Initially, I thought this resolved the problem. It did NOT! Three more restart crashes occurred with Flux still installed on my PC!?!

    I've searched high and low to locate, uninstall, crush, kill and/or destroy Flux software, but I cant find it anywhere on my PC

    PLEASE respond to my Plea for Help before Flux completely destroys the only PC I have..
    You can contact me directly at []

  • This sounds frustrating - f.lux should not load until you log into the PC, but this sounds like it is happening earlier?

    You could prevent f.lux from running on startup by:

    • rebooting into safe mode, and
    • disabling it within Task Manager or
    • uninstalling ("Add or Remove programs").

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  • @herf
    You are correct, my log in screen doesn't get the opportunity to load on restart. Also,
    F.lux is not listed in my Add or Remove Programs). Unless, the software is listed under a name other that F.lux? I'm not too comfortable with the idea of disabling f.lux within task mgr. I want to remove the source of the problem (F.lux) permanently. Where is F.lux installed on my PC? What's the general file path of its location? There isn't any visible trace of the program anywhere. It appears to be a virtual ghost of an app. Please continue to assist me until the problem is resolved.. I appreciate your help greatly

  • Closing this topic on the forum as it has been moved to email. This is probably unrelated to f.lux but we will do our best to assist.

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