Resume from sleep freeze

  • When my laptop resumes from sleep it freezes for a few seconds because f.lux needs to reset the monitor color. In fact when I come back from sleep I see that the temperature is set as if flux was not working, then after the freeze it gets back to select temperature, this happens any time of the day. F.lux 3 did not give this problem. Win 10 Pro here on a recent laptop with intel hd 520 graphic card.

  • The latest Windows 10 update does have some of these issues. Just to check, have you expanded the color range and rebooted since installing?

  • I did reboot several times as I shut off my pc every day. I did not expand range, I will try that now. Is it supposed to fix the issue?

  • @becritical f.lux uses a more reliable method for changing colors after you do that, yep.

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