Programme crashes

  • Hi, I installed f.lux about two years ago. Everything worked fine. One day, I tried the different filters, I guess they were called like that. After this... gone, can't find nor open but it still was installed.

    I uninstalled and now tried to install again. However, when the programme opens after the set up, it closes quick, within seconds. I can't even put in my location. This happens especially by mouse over for the programme and also the symbol in the taskbar.

    Even when I install it, it doesn't show up in the list of programmes. However, I can uninstall the normal way. Also experimented with symbol settings, it doesen't show up in the taskbar.

    What can I do?

  • We have a beta up that fixes one important crash, and it also lets you send us a "crash dump" if it does crash. Try this:

  • @herf didn't work either. I also didn't get a welcome mail for my Registration in this Forum. Unless you can Switch this off in the Settings?

    Maybe you Need Infos about my Computer?

  • No solution at all?

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