When f.lux disables, I have to go into Color Management and reload my calibration.

  • When f.lux disables, my hues look all off. This is because I have a custom color profile that's calibrated to my screen, that I do through the Windows 7 Display Calibration.

    I wish f.lux would go back to this profile when disabled, or use the profile itself as a baseline, because if for some reason I want unmodified, true colors, I have to disable f.lux AND reload my calibration in Colour Management.

    Anyone else have this problem? Is there an easy fix? Or maybe just a feature idea for a later version of f.lux? Thanks!

  • This feature in Windows doesn't write color profiles we can read - a real color profile works fine.

    There is a link in the FAQ to a third-party tool that might help:


  • I'll try QuickGamma. Thanks. : )

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