I think the new update of f.lux may had take down my PC

  • Hi everyone

    I don't really want to look too paranoid or something but yesterday I turned on my PC and the new update came. Then sudenly the screen turned dark yellow (very intense), and a message to restart, due the update, poped out. So I restarted but this time, the Windows never started.

    I have a Windows and an Ubuntu partition, and the Ubuntu works fine, but when I try to start the Windows gives me an error (I'm not at home right now, but I'll update the post with the error). The PC worked perfectly till yesterday, no new installs or downloads, just the new f.lux.

    This hapend to someone too?

  • I'm wondering if I had a fake F.lux update invade my PC. After I installed the update, my screen was so bright white I could not do any work. About the same time, my anti-virus was disabled. Also about the same time, someone stole my debit card number.

    I had to put the PC in the shop.

    I ran Super-Antispyware after I got the PC back. I found an "unwanted program" but can't remember the name. I just wanted it off my PC.

  • @Penguin This happened about a week ago.

  • An authorized f.lux update is live for Windows currently. If you originally installed from our server, the problem is not from f.lux.

    As for the trouble @poor-man reports, it would be a good idea to update your video drivers, and try rebooting (you may need to boot in to safe mode).

  • Hello

    FInally I had to reinstall Windows and now everything works normally. Probably wasn't f.lux fault, but it was the last thing I saw alive on my computer and the screen was yellow intense, f.lux asked for a reboot, so... I just want to know if that happenend to someone too. I didn't want to create an alarm.

    Thanks for everything.

  • @poor-man Glad to hear you are back online. This f.lux update does ask you to reboot (so it can apply stronger color settings).

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