Very light tint sunglasses

  • I feel that sunglasses are tinted way too dark.

    I think it's unnatural for people to squint outside and I'd like to know what causes it.

    Also I think a 5% tint on sunglasses instead of how dark they are now would be like a placebo to not squint.

    Are you aware of any sunglasses like I describe?

  • It's natural to squint if the pupils aren't doing a good enough job blocking out the excess light. One major problem with all sunglasses though is this: with them on, our pupils dilate more than they otherwise would. What this does is, it also lets in more UV light. If the lenses block UV light, then you have to remember that it's still coming in at the sides!

    For this reason, I purposefully never wear sunglasses. Ever. When I am tempted to squint, I force myself to stay relaxed and this actually WORKS.

  • Cool, you're back -- using f.lux again yet?

  • Thanks. :) I saw "f.lux forum" at the top and I was like, "Ooooo what's this?" lol

    I only use it when I need it, but it's always installed now. With my inconsistent sleep schedule, I strictly use it manually. I still have to take one or two 3mg tablets of melatonin, but I still use f.lux to further help me relax.

  • Cool, well I'm glad that's working for you, maybe you could talk to the devs about it and get some cool info!

  • Nah, I don't have anything that I need or want to know right now - except, I'd like to know when they're going to improve f.lux for users like me. lol I'm pretty patient with Michael and Lorna though because I understand what their situation is. Plus, I love those two for what they have given us, so I don't want to be too demanding.

  • How much honey have you consumed in the past few months?

    It may help spur the production of the right stuff to give you more melatonin.

  • None, but I have Asperger Syndrome, and it's actually natural and normal for the melatonin production to be too low in people with Autism.

  • Have you had a look at the "Smart lighting" section of the forum? Some really cool stuff in there!

  • I can't afford anything fancy. I'm on such a limited budget that I have to be careful with how much I spend on groceries. If I had enough money though, then I'd have a very elaborate setup where I can control the color temperature and brightness of any light in the entire house and I'd have expensive room-darkening shades and the whole bit.

  • You could buy a 200 watt Incandescent light bulb! Those are really bright, but please don't leave it on, what with coal sourced electricity and all.

  • No, that would produce way too much heat, and it would radiate too much heat too. Plus, the short lifespan of a bulb like that just makes them a big waste of money. I don't like the harsh light of LEDs or CFLs, but LEDs don't result in "dirty electricity" nor do they have any radiation or mercury or anything, so I choose LEDs. LED lights get hot too, but they don't radiate that heat like incandescent lights do.

    What I was talking about though was setting my place up so that I could simulate daylight anytime I want, and a sunset any time I want. Unfortunately, that would require me to buy things that I simply don't have enough money for. So right now, I have four light sources:

    My two floor lamps with 3-way SWITCH brand LED lights, a little 3-way touch desk lamp with a 40W bulb (on a desk next to my bed, not on my computer desk), and my ceiling fan with 4 super-bright 60W bulbs that are brighter than any 60W bulb I've ever seen: Bulbrite KX60CL-E12 They get super hot though and they radiate that heat quite a bit, so I use them only when I need the extra brightness in here.

  • I'd strongly recommend Philips LED bulbs, they put of the best color spectrum I've ever seen, according to

    Some lights they have (like the 100w equal) are not yet available in daylight white. Also, (not on amazon, they only have the BR30, "downlight") they have the DimTone type that really gets warmer as you dim, but you probably don't want that yet until your other light burns out.

    You can get some amazingly bright LED bulbs, that only use 20 watts, but put off over 1,900 lumens (more than a 100 watt bulb). I just have not a clue about the color quality.

  • That's just it: these 3-way SWITCH brand lights will probably last me another 15 years and they claim to produce 2700K at the brightest setting. They're still too much at the lowest setting though, but they only consume 6W at the lowest setting and that's awesome because then they don't produce much heat at all, which I like when I'm getting ready for bed: I want my room to be able to cool off as quickly as possible. At these lights' highest setting, I could probably cook an egg on the top and on the heatsinks.

  • Yeah the SWITCH lights seem really nice, and get great reviews. If they are too bright, just throw a thin pillow case over it! (unless you think it may be too hot at the base, although for an hour it should be fine).

  • @timpster said:

    Yeah the SWITCH lights seem really nice, and get great reviews. If they are too bright, just throw a thin pillow case over it! (unless you think it may be too hot at the base, although for an hour it should be fine).

    Yeah, they're VERY cool at the lowest setting - but they do take a looonnnnggggg time to cool down. Still, damn, this is a good idea. I should find an orange or a red pillow case! Well, they're warm, but they're like maybe 90-95°F. At their highest setting though, holy crap. They take a long time to heat up, but when they're fully heated up at their highest setting, they could easily burn human skin.

  • @TwoCables I live in a flat and have barely any sun light. It's an issue since I work from home with my girlfriend. In 2014 we've made the best investment for our situation – a really bright, cost-effective lamp from Dalen. It can go from 2800K~6000K and delivers up to 3000 lumen in the brightest settings. In short, a powerful daylight lamp which can simulate warm and cold light. There's also a low light mode.

    If 250 € is in your budget, check it out. Compared to what we had before and with the rising electricity prices in Germany, the lamp already saved us some money. The lamp should last about 40.000 hours.

    Before that I also tested the Philips Energy Light (up to 10000 Lux). It was as bright as the Dalen (if not brighter), I positioned about 1.5 meters away from me since I thought it might help with my depression, too. In the end I had to return it after a month since my body reacted to that brightness with nausea.

    For the depression I use Philips Living Colors and Philips Hue. It's more of a subconscious effect, but orange and red seem to help me. Blue is relaxing in the evening, but I don't use any of it in my bedroom. Of course money-wise, this is an investment, too. But if you're interest in trying color to aid your needs, small living color lamps sell for 29 € and only consume 3 watts in the brightest setting.

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    Haha, didn't realize this was 5 months ago, but this is very interesting. How many of the "Dalen" lamps do you have? I'm surprised they don't have a link for U.S., the closest seems to be the UK.

  • @Tungsten_smooth I live/work on 64 m² – so I just need one in the living room/office. Served me well so far since my apartment doesn't get much natural light.

  • @pattulus that's cool, I didn't know of that brand. I think I'll just try to find a similar one that I can get closer to me, instead of ordering from out of the country. I've actually wanted a few skylights, but they are very much a permanent installation, so it's usually not feasible for apartments and such.

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