Get rid of 24-hour preview

  • I have to say I have not gotten used to this new version of f.lux even after using it for several months. The design of it makes no sense, I am irritated with the little popup alerts which appear and cannot be turned off. I don't understand what the 3 bars in the bar graph view are supposed to be.. daylight, evening and bedtime I guess? They aren't labeled. I'd rather just have 1 knob that controls the color, instead of 3 presets for time of day that never seem to trigger at the appropriate time and there's no ability to customize the times between them, it's based on zip code. Also PLEASE get rid of the super annoying "24 hour preview" when you try to drag the slider. This design is illogical and once it starts doing the preview, it cannot be cancelled. I guess I just don't get why such a simple piece of software had to become so complicated.

  • The "waking up" alerts can be turned off in the Options menu.

    The beta version also shows three sliders instead of preview when you click the graph, but we still recommend most people just use the single slider to adjust the current setting:

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