Suggestion - Custom transition duration

  • I have my transition set to slow but still find the transition to quick for me. I would much rather a very gradual transition that takes say 3 to 4 hours to reach the night colour temperature. Can we get an option to control how long f.lux makes the transition duration? - This doesn't need to interfere with the transition start time. Just provide the option to stretch out the transition time to what duration suites the user.

  • Do you want it to fade more slowly before sunset or after it?

    We added bedtime mode to help people get more control over "it happened too fast" - 4 hour fades are hard for most people to get right. It takes a lot of patience...

  • Hi @herf , so what i imagine as being ideal is say a near linear drop from the day colour to the desired bed colour over the number of hours available from sunset to the bed time i have set. eg
    Sun sets at say 6:00pm and i expect to go to sleep at say 9:30. I set the bedtime colour for say 20 mins earlier, so 9:10. f.lux progressively reduces the colour temp over the time from what ever sunset time is(in this case 6pm) to whatever I have nominated for bedtime colour (9:10pm).
    Now if it is set to start the transition from actual sunset based on my location it simply adjusts the linear rate of change in the colour each day to make sure it arrives at the desired colour temp by the time I have set (9:10 in this example) each night.

    That means if you are going to spend time on the pc working or playing in the evening you still get reasonably productive / stimulating light to start with, but is slowly becomes less and less stimulating throughout the evening until it reaches the bedtime colour.

  • Sorry @herf , realized I hadn't answered your question regarding when i want the transition to start because I was referring to the transition starting at sunset but f.lux actually starts the transition before sunset. Whatever time f.lux starts to transition from daylight is what i consider to be the starting point of the transition for me. The fact that the actual sunset might occur 20-30 minutes after when f.lux started transitioning is irrelevant to me.

  • Hi @herf , so I can see you've had a few more requests for the ability to control the length of transition since I posted my suggestion. (and there were probably some before that I hadn't seen). I am guessing from all the posts you've probably got a bunch of other priorities in front of this feature request. Are you able to let us know if this option is likely to be offered and if so any sort of time frame?