Can you tell me how to achieve this setting?

  • Hi.. @lorna in another thread suggested that if we have a particular schedule we would like flux to be on to simply ask. So, thanks, Lorna.. I'm asking. :smile_cat:

    I was able to set the following schedule pretty closely to what I want except that it's not becoming bright early enough in the morning. I live in Washington state, US (GMT-8 48Lat), and here is what I would like:

    Year round (well, not worrying about daylight savings) I'd like a consistent sunset dim at 8 p.m., night dim at 10 p.m. lasting for 9 hours, and immediately bright (no sunrise dim) at 7 a.m. the next day. Is it possible to do this? I can use the Adjust day and night colors together setting to make the sunset and night brightness to my liking, no problem, it's the schedule I'm having difficulty with.

  • Can you try the "far from the equator" preset and see if you like it?

  • Thanks, @herf. All that does, though, is make the sunset level almost as bright as daylight with a huge dropoff at the bedtime level. It doesn't change the length of the sunset period nor when it starts.

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