f.lux v4.55 update, colors and gaming mode changed?

  • Hello everyone, i was wondering if f.lux changed anything in this version about gaming. I overall love this new update, pop ups are way better and settings even. But since i play all my games in windowed-bordless (i hate fullscreen for personal pc use), and f.lux has always worked in this mode (yes, i always used to play games with color shift because it doesn't affect recordings and my 144hz monitor is very bright).

    Since the new update, i see that even in windowed-bordless mode f.lux stops the color shift ? Is there any way to disable that so colors stay shifted even when i play ?

    Thanks for the help !

  • I made a thread for this here:


    Gaming mode is built-in now. Our goal is not to affect game framerates at all.

  • alright, thank you very much! f.lux never affected my framerate at all so i prefer using it at night even for gaming. Thank you.

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