Cannot disable F.lux colors; screen tints yellow on boot up whether F.lux is running or uninstalled

  • I foolishly downloaded this alleged "utility" on the recommendation of a youtuber. Soon after, I decided I didn't like and tried to uninstall it. After doing so, my computer booted up and there was a brief moment of normal color, before the screen tinted yellow again. That was a week ago, and I have since made many elaborate attempts to eradicate F.lux from my system. None of them have returned my monitor colors to normal, and I have given up on removing F.lux, because I have at least managed to set my colors to daytime all the time from within F.lux.

    And yet, this has not actually solved the problem. I currently have F.lux on and starting on startup. But when booting up, I still get a moment of normal color, and then it turns yellow. This is so even though F.lux is running and is set to full daytime. The only way to fix this is uninstall F.lux, restart, and re-install F.lux. I would very much like to have my normal colors back without this constant hassle, whether that means leaving F.lux on or uninstalling it some other way.

    And I am aware there is an alleged fix for this, in the form of leaving your computer on, with F.lux on at full daylight for 24 hours followed by uninstall. I haven't actually done this because it is itself a giant hassle and every time I've gotten to the 24 hour point (twice, so far; my last reboot was about five minutes ago) I decide I'd rather just enjoy the fact I have normal colors and don't uninstall for fear of reverting the colors. I also strongly suspect that, for whatever reason, in my case it will not work because, as I said, I get a tint EVEN WHEN F.lux is running on startup and at full daytime settings.

    I have Windows 10, a GeForce 980 TI, and driver version, dated 11/27/17

  • Okay, my brother and I figured out the problem, neatly doing the F.lux team's job for them. Somehow, they have not noticed that Windows 10 has a feature similar to F.lux built in called 'Night Light,' which you can find using the start menu search bar. F.lux turns on Night Light, at all times, which is why screens stay yellow on reboot and even after uninstalling F.lux after waiting 24 hours. So, contrary to the FAQ, there is no process to "absorb" F.lux's settings. Get your software straightened out.

  • f.lux does not ever turn on the Windows 10 feature, so your ire is misplaced. There are considerable video driver bugs related to color profiles, and they have been documented with particular versions in other places on this forum.

    And yes, you do have to turn off the Windows feature if you turn it on - many people do by accident. But if that's unclear to you, I recommend communicating with Microsoft and not with us.

    Note: since you have copy-pasted this post in about a half-dozen places throughout our forum, we will delete the other ones and leave this one alone.

  • My ire is not misplaced. I did not have this problem before I installed F.lux, had no idea the Night Light function even existed, and certainly did not turn it on. And I had not updated my drivers for weeks at the time I downloaded F.lux, and did not update my drivers until a few hours ago (hoping that would solve the problem, by the way).

    And, to be incredibly pedantic, I did not copy-paste. I made slight changes to avoid a spam filter, if one exists.

    Also, I notice you are incredibly quick to respond now that I have clearly identified an actual problem with your software, while before you willing to let me and my problem languish. Nice to know what kind of priorities the F.lux team has.

  • Hey, stand down. You only waited roughly 5 hours. On this forum, that's not a long wait. You're waiting on 2 people, and if you're lucky, 1 or 2 forum members who might know the answer. I'm one of those 2 forum members, and I didn't know the answer, so I just didn't reply.

  • Not my responsibility to know how they're staffed; they have a "F.lux Team" tag, which certainly implies more than two people. I've got no interest in ruining anyone's day (though seven of mine were ruined). I had a genuine issue that made me despair of my very expensive custom computer's (which I just upgraded at the cost of hundreds of dollars) normal functionality on a permanent basis and then, when I identify the problem, I get prickly defensiveness and know-nothingism in return. I'm not required to tolerate such things, nor simper for the benefit of some bruised egos. And of course, they don't have to tolerate my own prickliness or simper to me. It's their site. If they want to ban me and delete this thread, they can do so.

    And, again not to put too fine a point on things, I didn't wait five hours. I solved my own problem and posted the solution, in a snarky manner, no doubt.

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