Weird Dual Screen Behavior

  • It appears that Flux is at least partially working with a second monitor hooked up. However, when I move to cursor to the extended monitor the light dims further and then when I move it back, the light gets brighter even than it was originally before eventually returning to a middle resting state.

    I only began to notice it when I used a DVI-D cable instead of an old VGA cable to use the second monitor. I need to do this in order to get the desired 144 Hz refresh rate so going back to the old setup would not be ideal.

    I really love this program, and it has significantly improved my "wind-down time" at the end of the day. I am hoping that there is already a solution to the issue out there that I have not found.

    Just to cover all the initial bases, I have reinstalled flux, updated my display drivers, and restarted the machine, yet the problem persists.

    Thanks in advance!

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