USB Flux Issue

  • I have a old MSI KA780GM2 motherboard with windows 7 home pre 64, phenom II x2

    its built in usb controller started to act up adding unknown devices, so i disabled it in the BIOS

    Flux was working fine now its working in some type of opposite mode, it clearly says its day time but the sun will rise in the amount of time it should be setting, does flux use some kind of telemetry settings in the usb controller? were it won't function without a usb controller because when i disabled it in the bios a lot of devices disappeared from the device manager.

    I use mouse without borders to interact with the computer btw, so i really do not see the need for the controller unless theres some kind of devices i was not aware that depended on it. thanks!

  • Well i decided to really examine the motherboard.. and discovered some ports are seriously damaged, so i renabled the controller in the bios and went in windows and disabled the individual ports in the device manager until the ones pictured below had 0 on the multimeter.

    Then I put some electrical tape over them, and also the power supply that came with the board I replaced with a spare one I have, and its running normal now f.lux is acting perfectly once again.

    alt text

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