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  • Wasn't sure where to post this, but I really need help. I have a Win. 10 laptop using Firefox as my browser. I downloaded the latest F.lux a while back. I didn't care for it and used Revo to uninstall it. It is still on my computer and I can't stop it. Sometimes my computer will change to a yellow tint or get bright. It is not anywhere on my computer. I came to your site and tried some suggestions but no good.. Please help,

  • I guess it's a virus program. Will have to warn as many as possible.

  • No.

    First, I think Revo should never be used when an actual uninstaller exists. You should always uninstall programs using the Windows control panel. Revo is more of a last resort kind of thing.

    So, I recommend reinstalling f.lux. Then after that, restart (in order to complete a proper installation in order to avoid further problems). Then after the computer is done starting up after the restart, exit f.lux completely and then check Task Manager to make sure the f.lux.exe is gone. When it's completely gone, go into the Windows Control Panel to uninstall f.lux.

  • If you're having issues:

    1. Make sure you don't have Windows Night Light running.
    2. Update your video drivers.
    3. Install a color profile

    If those things fail to help, please post your hardware info (Graphics card and driver versions).

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