Make custom shortcuts on Windows

  • Hi All,

    I've search the forum for that and I didn't find any answer: is it possible to make the shortcuts editable ? On each new release, I have to patch the flux.exe file to customize the shortcut because it conflicts with Resharper's ones (I know i could change R# shortcuts but I'm used to).

    It is not very hard to do but I think this could be better to have a "built in" way instead of reverse ...

    Just for the record, I'm just changing the "Alt+PgUp" to "Ctrl+Shift+Alt+PgUp"


    Kind regards

  • Nobody ?

  • f.lux team

    We only have a way to turn them off right now - do you actually use it with all those modifiers?

  • Hi,

    yes, I'm using the alt + WinKey + PgUp/PgDown every day. I don't want to disable the shortcuts.

    Right now, on each release, I'm patching 6A 21 6A 01 to 6A 21 6A 08 directly inside the .exe (the arguments for RegisterHotKey API)


  • f.lux team

    That's amazing - well it sounds like we should make a regkey for you at least, even if there's not a nice editor for it.

    I will put it on the list. :)

  • would be perfect :)


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