Why is it dimming at 4:30 PST, i am not a senior citizen

  • I cant really complain since its free, but seriously it is now going to 2900k and its 4:30, yea the sun is gone but im not going to nap right now

  • Because this is how it works. It's designed to change to sunset mode at sunset. If you don't like it, then change your selected color temperature for sunset mode. Or, enter a fake location that gives you a sunset time that is closer to your bedtime.

  • Yeah i miss the way v3 smoothly did this and didnt just start at 3 o clock in the evening. In my opinion i think that my waking time is completely irrelevant as i'm hardly going to sleep right after waking up am i? Let me set a sleeping time or atleast make it smoother as it was before.

  • Ok, then what is your "earliest wake time" set to?

    You can also just switch to "Classic f.lux". That disables the bedtime mode so that the only two modes for color temperature changes are daytime and night.

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