f.lux crashing....?

  • Screen brightness shoots up, then turns to a black screen for a few seconds then comes back to normal.
    This has been going on for me for roughly about 5 maybe 6 days now.
    Right before it does do that I hear the windows sound for disconnecting a USB cable for example, after my screen brightness shoots up then it turns black, with my fan going like crazy.
    Then comes back to normal after a couple of seconds but it's been happening a lot lately...
    I didn't think much of it but then I tried playing a game yesterday but the black screen thing happened again while I was in game and my frames became absolutely terrible.
    At some point when I have a game running, when it turns black it doesn't go back to normal.
    Ever since for the past two days it's been happening more frequently.
    Can anyone help or tell me what's going on?

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