[Bug Report] Major memory leak in explorer.exe

  • I'm a Flux 4.55 user on Windows 7. I was updated to v4 recently and I noticed a memory leak. When I have Flux open, my explorer.exe process steadily leaks memory. After a couple days it rises into the gigabytes. When I close flux it immediately stops leaking memory and the used memory becomes stable but does not go back down. When I open flux it instantly starts again. Restarting the explorer.exe task resets it back but it continues leaking again from that point.

    This is a really serious issue. How was this not caught? Hoping for a fix. I can provide additional info if needed.


  • The issue seems to be gone (for now?) If this was patched then thanks.

  • Wow, on my Windows 7 machine explorer.exe is using 21MB. I don't think this is f.lux?

    We used to periodically refresh our tooltip but we don't even do that anymore, and aside from the tray icon we don't interact with explorer at all.

  • It was definitely, 100% flux. I could control it by opening and closing the flux process. Tooltip refreshing could be the cause. It hasn't returned yet.

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