2 issues

  • Hello, I updated f.lux to the latest version after a while and I'm very happy that I have kept the install file of the older version I had been using, (3.12)! First, the new 4.xx version doesn't remember the position of the window and it keeps opening at the very right side of the screen, (very annoying on a widescreen monitor). Second, hovering your mouse over the f.lux tray icon won't tell you the time remaining until sunset anymore, like it used to.
    Would you please fix these two issues to make f.lux great again?

  • Hey the window is staying in the same place for me - what are you seeing?

    I am sorry we had to take out the tray icon text - there was a problem we are still figuring out that was clogging the notifications area every time we changed the text. So we pulled it at the very end of the beta... we will try to bring it back.

  • He is saying that when you move the f.lux window, it will only be remembered for the current session of f.lux. It will not save it so that the next time f.lux launches the window is still opening to the same spot. It goes back to the far right.

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