Computer won't sleep with Hue lighting enabled

  • I understand that the program can't run the lights if the computer is asleep, but is there any way to let my computer sleep even when hue lighting is enabled? So far I've just stopped running flux because I have to close it every time I want to put my computer to sleep.

  • f.lux team

    What do you want your Hue lights to do after your laptop is off?

    I think we might be able to change this "stay awake" thing so it only stays on if the computer is plugged in, which would be better.

  • @herf Thank you for getting back to me. It is not a laptop, it is a desktop. I just want to put the computer to sleep without making changes to the lighting. Flux keeps the computer from going to sleep however, presumably so it can continue to control the lighting as the day progresses. As soon as I disable Philips hue lighting control (or exit flux completely) I am able to put my computer to sleep.

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