Please allow us to define the desired sleep time

  • Good evening

    We can configure the Wakeup-Time... but this is useless because f.lux changes to the night mode 14 hours ago just because the sunset just happened.

    This would be a much more useful and simple solution:

    • The User can configure the Wakeup-Time, e.g. 08:00
    • And the User can configure the Sleep duration, e.g. 7.5 Hours

    Using this information, f.lux can start changing to the night mode e.g. "Sleep duration" + 2 hours before the Wakeup time (=08:00 - 7.5h - 2h = 22:30).

    This solution would allow us to shut down during the 2 hours and then to sleep well :-)

    Kind regards,

  • Yes, I just got the new update and it's super annoying. "Earliest wake time" is totally useless, we need to be able to set our sleep time, so that it knows to dim a couple hours before that (not just with the sunset- most people don't sleep at 5pm when the sun sets here or even 10pm). With the new update everything is just haywire compared to how I want it, and it's not customizable like it should be. I keep trying to click on the schedule to adjust the sliders manually, like you should be able to, but it just does the stupid 24 hour preview.

  • Yes!

    Pleeeeeeaaasse do something like this. It can get dark here during the work day, and I want my display to be keeping me alert, not readying me for bed. I think this is best done by allowing us to drag a slider that defines the time periods.

  • Doesn't your point conflict with the concept of f.lux? Artificial light sources are disrupting well-rested sleep. Think the creators want you to be aware that biologically, you should be shutting down as natural light fades, sunset.

  • @UltraAmbiguousID
    No, it's not a conflict at all:
    just because we can see the sun only for 1 hour per day we do not sleep for 23 hours (remember, the day length is different depending on your position).

    Therefore it would be great if we can configure:

    • the time at which we would like to get up in the morning
    • the hours we would like to sleep

    then, f.lux would help us to stay easily awake because it offers the right daytime colors,
    but it helps us to sleep well, too, because it changes the colors early enough so that we will get tired.

  • @UltraAmbiguousID where I am sunset is 4:15 right now and it's going to be earlier before we're done.
    You can go to bed at 4:15 if you like, but that's not going to work for me.
    Hence, more choices is better for everyone.

  • So much this. In the old v3 i liked the very slow and gradual dimming effect i got so that when it was almost bedtime flux would be doin it's thing in full force, now it's just annoying when it's three o clock and it just switches on almost directly. the only solution i can think of right now would be to set my location in some other country further south.

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