4.55 randomly disables briefly when no disable app is running

  • Anyone observing this? I've got f.lux disabled for exactly one program, but that hasn't been running in hours, yet I randomly see "disabling f.lux for <currently active app>" pop up briefly, and then the color temperature goes back to what it should be. It's not happening extremely often, but about once every half hour or so.

  • I'm getting this too and it's driving me absolutely crazy. Why is this happening?

    Need an option to both return to previous version [of Flux] and to notify but not auto-update when a new update is available. A secondary settings window of all apps for which auto-disable activates (which requires UAC elevation to add-remove apps) would also be intuitive and helpful (along with a programmable key command which brings up aforementioned window).

    On Windows 10 1709 (16299.192).

    Please fix/TIA

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