[Bug Report] Software Cursor "works"

  • The "Software mouse cursor when needed" has to be rechecked every day, at least for me - the screen will transition to night mode, but without the cursor. After opening the settings, unchecking the box, and rechecking it the cursor issue is fixed.

    I doubt this is the problem, but I do have a custom animated cursor installed.

    It does, however, work once I've enabled it.

    I can provide more system details upon request.

  • I've also had this problem, but when I play games. Currently this happens when I play Overwatch or Planet Base. I can list more, if needed. Thank you for making such a great piece of software! Keep it up!

  • The actual checkbox should never turn itself off.....but if someone else is turning off the software cursor, f.lux would not notice that - is that what's going on?

  • The checkbox does not become unchecked. It seems that the cursor is set back to the default white color after the game is exited. Perhaps it has something to do with the cursor being changed to a different color/shape within the game and windows setting back to default at the closing of the game?

  • Yes, we assume nobody else changes the cursor mode, so sounds like that's what's going on.

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