Bug: Extremely poor performance/hitching until display settings are changed

  • Been having issues with poor performance when running f.lux, but it goes away when I change color settings in nVidia control panel. Doesn't seem to matter what settings i choose, RGB or YCbCr, full range or limited. Even selecting the option to let the OS control color doesn't help. Whenever I restart it has poor performance again until I change the settings.

    Running Windows 10 x64 Build 17025.1000
    Intel i5-7600k w/ 16GB RAM
    Geforce GTX 960 /w driver 388.13
    Dell ST2220L monitor

    Love this program and haven't had any problems until now, but I can't run it with such low performance. Tried reinstalling F.lux, the video driver and the monitor driver to no avail.

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