F.lux fails -- need help!

    1. I started noticing yesterday that my mouse pointer was going white (therefore invisible) when hovering over text or text fields. I finally tracked the problem to the new f.lux update, and tried the various solutions proposed in the forum and FAQs for white pointers (checking the box on the menu, enabling pointer trails...); none worked. Finally I figured out how to uninstall and did so, and I just reinstalled v3.

    2. Now my newly reinstalled v3, which had worked flawlessly for years and I never even thought about it, isn't working. No color change at all. I've rebooted twice.

    I admit I'm on an old machine -- ThinkPad x220 running windows 7, but it had been working just fine until this update. Please help! (by which I mean, a solution either for v3 not working or a solution for the white-ed mouse pointer in v4)


  • @Siena-Chrisman This does not seem to be a f.lux issue, but a display driver issue. Most laptops use Intel graphics drivers, (maybe that will change now that AMD and Intel are working together on integrated graphics!!) so go find an appropriate display driver on the Intel driver update tool.

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