Its day, but not for f.lux

  • Hello, first of - thanks for this great tool, i love it! Second - sorry for my english :) I have one problem with f.lux.

    Version : 4.55 / Windows 10, all driver up to date.
    Settings: Day 3500K, Bedtime 1900K, Sleeptime 1200K
    Location is correct.

    Problem : My screen have no 1900K, but i is 11am.

    f.lux is telling :

    "Sunrise in 2 hours, Wake: 3 hours ago"
    The earliest wakeuptime i set to 8am.

    Could anyone please tell my what i did wrong?

  • Re: [Its day](but not for f.lux)

    Sorry, i cant edit my post. I want to write " ..My screen have now 1900K..."

  • Check out the notes here to see if your timezone might be set wrong:

    This can be kind of confusing, because the time can appear right but when combined with your timezone it may be wrong.

  • Thanks for your answer, but the time settings seems fine.

    "Comparing your client to the server timestamp:

    Browser offset: 2.001 seconds compared to server at"

  • This sounds like a location problem then (even though you said it's correct!) If you'd like to send us a screenshot of the UI try support at

  • It finally works like it´s supposed to :)) When i clicked at the location tab the map was showing me the correct city / land. But i googled the coordinates for curiosity just now and it shows me cleveland. I tiped my again and now it works - happy me !

    Sorry for stealing your time, but i checked it 2 or 3 times before i post here.

    Thank you and have a short week!


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