It would be nice to have more information about the lights section

  • In the "lights" section some of the lights have very cryptic or somewhat generic names like "osram" or "cfl".

    In the future it would be nice to know more about the lights haha that's what the sites about but I mean uh just more details about the manufacturer or model of the light. Really the "purpose" of the light would be a nice addition with some entries.

  • Bump. For example, the T12, yes once you look at it, it's obviously fluorescent, but that may not be clear to others.

    I'd like to see a section like what you've done with the NOAA data and categorize the light section into "Incandescent / Halogen", then "fluorescent / CFL" and then "LED". This would be very helpful and it would make the page look much neater. I'd gladly take the time to reorganize the page if you were to allow me access to the page layout (just don't let me update the page without your intervention!)

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