Frames stuck @60 when using the latest f.lux version

  • Hi!

    could you please tell me what is the last version of v4 f.lux before the one with the FPS LOCK @60 ? i'm dying here; all my 3D Apps are stuck at 60 fps and the last version of f.lux is the culprit. I sent a message to f.lux's facebook page & got no replies... & please stop releasing the software with AUTO UPDATE ENABLED without any notification if you're going to do something like this QQ

    EDIT: after a 20mn search i found out that the v4.43 doesn't have the fps lock issue

    get it from here if u have this issue like me(please don't trust external link like this one look for it urself or go ahead :))

  • f.lux team

    If I understand, you have a >60fps monitor and f.lux seems to interfere?

    I do not know of any changes from 4.43 to 4.55 that would cause this.

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