Screen capture tools obtain the maximum warmth

  • I don't understand the technical aspects of this issue at all, but it seems that screen capture softwares such as Lightshot or Greenshot do register (then save images of) the screen with the maximum amount of f.lux warmth, even though it's not the corresponding time of the day in f.lux.

    For example I usually have a reasonable settings of 4000k in f.lux currently, but I get the following screenshot of this forum :

    alt text

    Anyway, even though a setting exists in V4 to disable f.lux while using certain softwares, which would constitute an "ok" workaround for this issue, Screen capture tools do not profit from this because they activate through shortcut, and register the screen state before f.lux even started the inactivation of the warmth.

    Thus the current way around this is issue for me is to manually deactivate f.lux (with "very fast transition") , wait a sec then take the screenshot. This can become quite a tedious task espacially when taking multiple screenshots as I tend to do quite often while writing documentations for my job.

    Note that this issue didn't occur in f.lux v3 : it wasn't active on the screen shots taken.

  • f.lux team

    Do you have a USB-connected monitor? If so, f.lux may be trying to emulate the effects on it.

  • Well indeed... I have 3 monitors : the laptop, and 2 screens. One screen is connected with HDMI directly to the laptop, and the other is connected through an Asus dock (USB then DVI/HDMI). The issue occurs on all my monitors, but I just tested to disconnect the dock and it removed the issue.

    Shouldn't the issue occur only on the docked monitor ?

  • Ok I found an update from august on my dock that seems to fix this issue. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction !

    EDIT : no ! My mistake, the issue is still there (it worked because I had disabled f.lux for one hour).

    Is there any way to disable this emulation ?

  • f.lux team

    There is a note on DisplayLink's page here:

    The driver is now newer, but it may help.

  • Ok thanks !

    I just installed the driver and the issue is partially fixed : the temperature displayed in the screen shots is now the actual temperature of the screen at the exact moment I hit the "print screen" key, which is better than the very low temperature I had last week.

    But previously to f.lux v4, the screenshot was actually not showing any f.lux alteration at all, which was better because people seeing the screenshot shouldn't see my own f.lux settings. They may have their own f.lux settings or they could be expecting the colors to be exact.

    As I mentionned in my first post, f.lux can be disabled but this is not very convenient because it has to be done a few seconds before the actual screen shot. Is there any way to automatically disable f.lux at the exact moment the screenshot is taken ?

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