Is there a way to manually adjust temprature without worrying about the graph?

  • For example, I want to be able to just change the temperature without my Hue lights slowly getting dimmer. I work in retail and take class full time and whenever I stay up reading my Hue lights will just randomly dim to the point where it hurts to read. My solution is I have to go and increase the temperature which I'm sure is making my body "later" just to be able to see, but even then it's still very dim.

    Is there not a solution where you can just make the graph flat, and pick the temperature that you need at a given time? I realize it's not ideal in terms of staying awake at night but it's even less ideal to attempt to read and I can't see anything at all.

  • Move the slider left or right. Or, go into the f.lux menu and choose "Adjust day and night colors together".

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