Install for all users

  • I just discovered F.Lux. Its availability is very timely as the issue of sleep deprivation and health impacts is becoming a hot topic in the UK at the moment.

    I'm used to most applications installing themselves by default in the "Program Files" folder, and just storing per-user configuration data under C:\ProgramData.

    I was a bit disconcerted to find the F.Lux installer didn't even ask, but just installed the whole application in "portable style" under c:\users<username>\AppData\Local

    Ok the application is small, but installing the same tool (say) 4 times for 4 separate users is both wasteful, and a pain to manage in terms of shared configs, updates etc.

    I'm also none too keen on having executable code run out of the AppData folder. It's not by accident this is called AppData.

    This is a nifty program, I like it a lot, but I would prefer to see a proper multi-user aware version that stores code centrally (per machine) and manages user configuration data separately, before I install it on my PCs at home that are shared between multiple family members.

    Is this on the roadmap?

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