Flux 4.5 prevents Windows from sleeping

  • Pretty much the title. I thought t had been other processes for so long; namely Spotify or something else using my audio drivers. Alas, 'twas flux. I've never had a problem with it preventing it before, but it's definitely flux. It can be easily reproduced/noticed when calling a powercfg -request on an elevated terminal.

    Anyone with fixes other than quitting flux, or also agree? I noticed at least one other, so maybe not just a quirk of my specific build and flux?

  • f.lux team

    Hue support is the only thing that prevents Windows from sleeping. We are going to add a note about this, but it fails pretty badly if we don't stay awake.

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  • @herf is there any way around this or can this not be fixed? It's important to me that my computer stays connected to flux, but I put my computer to sleep before I head to bed and then switch over to letting Sleep as Android take over hue on my phone, which it can't because my computer won't sleep... It's pretty inconvenient.