Color reset after user switch

  • At the moment when you switch between (already logged in) Windows users, both of whom use f.lux, color resets back to daylight and then goes down to the configured temperature gradually. It's an unpleasant hit of bright light. This did not happen with previous version of the app.

  • Will look into it - sounds like you are sure they were both previously logged in...

    Assuming you switched first during the day, then switched back again at night?

  • I don't think the time of initial login matters. At night, I can switch back and forth between users many times, and it happens every time.

    Actually, I don't even need a 2nd user to replicate this problem: it happens if I go back to the login screen using tsdiscon.exe and then log back in to the same user.


  • This problem started after update to version 4.55.

    Also it's worth mentioning that my Windows 10 updated to Fall Creators Update at about the same time, so I'm not 100% sure if this caused only by f.lux update.

  • Yes we are seeing a very fast flash on the Fall Creators update, but not a gradual fade.

  • What I see is color temperature reset when logging in back into an already logged in account. Then the temperature slowly goes down to a desired value.

  • If f.lux is doing a fade, it means it is starting up, or woke up from sleep after several hours (e.g., woke during the day while being previously on at night). Should never fade otherwise.

  • Ok, I found the older version and compared 4.47 vs 4.55 behavior.

    4.47: briefly shows bright light for about 1 second, then immediately changes to warm light. No gradual changes here. It's how it always used to be.

    4.55: immediately changes to bright light, then gradually fades to warm light.

    Since the screen is kind of blinking anyway when you change Windows users, you don't pay much attention to this 1 second bright light, you take it as something normal. But gradual change takes longer and you notice extra brightness.

  • Are you using remote desktop?

    The way we disable would animate in that case - maybe it shouldn't hmm.

  • No, all I described happens on a local PC.

    But generally, yes, I connect to this machine with RDP sometimes, and connect to other machines from this one too.

  • Wondering if you frequently use tsdiscon.exe instead of logging out?

    Maybe f.lux is thinking the terminal is disconnected and disabling. Does regular fast user switching do it too?

    We could enable faster anyway, since nobody really wants a fade for this case anyway.

  • Not tsdiscon.exe directly, but I'm using Classic Shell instead of Windows 10 start menu. When you switch users with Classic Shell, it works similarly to tsdiscon.exe.

    I tried regular fast user switching with normal Windows 10 start menu and the problem is still there.

  • I got it to happen using "tsdiscon.exe" as both users - specifically tsdiscon as a single user did not show it, but if user B runs "tsdiscon" and user A logs in, the user A account thinks it is on a remote desktop and so it needs to "re-enable" which triggers an animation.

    The fix for all this is to make the remote desktop re-enable instant, which I will do in the next version.

  • Thanks, much appreciated!

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