Feature request: Disable until wakeup.

  • Now, my current config is sunrise time 6am and wakeup time 11am. However, if for example I am awakened at 2am and expected to be working until like afternoon, clicking the "disable until sunrise" button would only be effective until 6am and thereafter the flux would go back to darkening mode. And then, after 6am, if i click the disable until sunrise, then it would disable flux until next day's sunrise. Both actions are not desirable. Thus I think there should be a button for "disable until wakeup".

  • turn flux off

  • does not solve the problem at you then need to turn it back on afterward

  • I was thinking of the feature as "up late" but I will now also think about it as "woke up early" - what you describe should probably be the way it works.

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