F.lux disabling monitors when changing state while monitors are off.

  • Hey, I'm having some trouble with this and I think it may be F.lux. I have two gtx 1080's in sli with latest drivers 387.92, the latest windows 10 fall update, and the latest version of f.lux.

    So, first off what happens: my monitors are set to turn off after 10 minutes of no activity on my computer. This isn't sleep mode, just my monitors turn off. Sometimes, it seems like only when F.lux is being updated or changing monitor colors, my displays will become frozen in a state inbetween off and on. My displays will still be on, but all black and no keyboard input or unpluging and repluging in the monitors will return them on. The only solution is to hard reset my entire PC.

    This has happened twice so far. The first time was when f.lux updated while my monitors were off. The second time was when I paused a youtube video in full screen, left my computer idle and during that time the monitor colors shifted to one of the three levels (I use recommended color settings).

    This has never happened to me prior to the fall update and there is nothing unusual in my system logs. Any help please?

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