f.lux has encountered an error and should be reinstalled

  • Starting yesterday, f.lux pops up that error every time it starts. All I can do is close the dialog box. f.lux doesn't present its interface or do anything now. It was working fine before that. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling f.lux 4.55 several times, but the error persists. I would try an older 4.x release or a newer beta, but I can't find them. f.lux 3.12 works fine.

  • did you try turning it off and on

  • f.lux isn't presenting a user interface. There is no way to turn it on or off. All I get is the error message dialog box.

  • f.lux team

    will followup by email!

  • I have this exact same problem, started maybe two weeks ago. Reinstalling does nothing. Help -- !

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