Custom control over f.lux

  • Hi Guys

    Im wondering if there is any way in which i can manually change the way f.lux works to suit exactly what i want it to be. That would be picking my own temperatures, the time of the changes and the curves of the transition speed. What i want to do is to push the color temperature in the mornings to about 7500-8000k, to really use that blue light to wake me up, then back to 6500k for the majority of the day, and slowly start dropping the temperature from the time i eat dinner onward, to about 1500 at 11pm ish. Is there any way i can do this? even if i have to edit config files.

    I was introduced to f.lux by a friend who uses apple, and it seams that they had a lot more customization than we do on windows. v4 is still a huge improvement, but i was really hoping to tailor my setup to my exact wants. I have problems both with insomnia and drowsiness in the mornings, as well as computer addiction and a case of being awake late into the night :P


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